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Employment with Kaeska Entertainment

Citizens who would like a chance at employment with Kaeska can find the information here.

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Employment with Kaeska Entertainment

Post by Sagar » Tue Feb 16, 2016 12:14 am

Application Process
Users who would like to be part of Kaeska staff must be of at least 18 years of age or older.
  • Do not need anymore staff.
    Enough staff, but willing to accept more.
    Need more staff.
  • An Artisan is a person who is skilled in a form of artwork whether it be site graphics or pixeling. Pixelists must use tool-shading technique that matches Kaeska's theme.
    If applying to become an Artisan, please provide your examples of artwork.
  • An Engineer is the programmer for the site. Engineer's must have knowledge of the programming language.
    If applying to become an Engineer, please provide your examples of coding skill.
  • A Knight is the moderator for the boards. They must know the rules to help enforce them around Kaeska. They can edit/move/delete topics or posts and issue violations to users who disobey the rules.
  • A Novelist is the writer for Kaeska. They must have good spelling and grammar skills.
    If applying to become a Novelist, please provide your examples of short stories.

How to Apply
Please fill out our form and click submit.
Please do not feel discouraged if your application has been denied.
REMINDER: Kaeska Staff will NEVER ask for your password!

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