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I'll draw you whatever!

Citizens can provide free art for others or request free art for yourself.

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I'll draw you whatever!

Post by Misaki » Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:09 am

I'm trying to get myself to draw more. Like on paper and not just with pixels. So I'll draw whatever you want. Just a quick sketch. If I particularly like the character/concept I might put more effort into it.

Here's some examples of things I doodled at work. In the beautiful medium of ballpoint pen on lined paper. At home I would use unlined paper. And probably a pencil. Although I'm starting to dig sketching in pen.


Also I just learned that if I take pictures with my camera with rotation turned off then rotate them on my computer that browsers will display them sideways while embedded but if you open just the image it will be the right way. Something to do with EXIF data. Fixing it before posting so I don't have a thread fulla sideways pics.

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