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Welcome to Kaeska Entertainment!
This website is an upcoming forum-based role-playing community where users -- known as citizens -- will be able to personalized their very own avatar with items that will be purchsable via the virtual shops.

Privacy Policy
Your privacy is extremely important to Kaeska Entertainment. Our Privacy Policy as been implemented to protect your privacy. Please be sure to read this policy for details related to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information.

General Usage
By accessing Kaeska Entertainment, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be legally bound by the following terms of service. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not access Kaeska Entertainment. These Terms of Service may change at any time with or without warning, so it is up to you to stay updated.
In addition to the Terms of Service, you are subject to read and follow the Kaeska Charter which is Kaeska Entertainment''s set of rules for posting on the forums plus any stickied threads or announcements within the forums.

Terms of Service Modification
Kaeska Entertainment reserves the right to change, modifiy, add, or remove portions these terms at any time with or without notice to the users. It is the users responsibility to periodically check these terms for changes.

Prohibited Conduct
By using Kaeska Entertainment you agree to refrain from engaging in any of the following prohibited conducts and agree that upon engaging in the below prohibited conduct or violate these terms, your account is subject to disciplinary actions. If your account is terminited, you forfeit any and all Kaeska currency and virtual items contained in your inventory.
  1. stalk, harass, ridicule, threaten, defraud, or doxx any user or staff member.
  2. misrepresent yourself or impersonate another user or staff member.
  3. discuss, promote, or depict any form of child sexuality, abuse or exploitation that violates any law pertaining to the protection of minors.
  4. publicly or privately send, request, post, or link to sexually explicit material, threatening, embarassing, distasteful, defamatory, ethnically, or racially inappropriate or offensive content.
  5. publicly or privately send, request, or post personal information of a user or staff member.
  6. share passwords or other account-sensitive information.
  7. solicit, advertise, or make usage of a referral program to urge users to join another website.
  8. failure to deliver payments made to Kaeska Entertainment.
  9. utilize Kaeska Entertainment for any illegal activities.
  10. utilize bots or programs to take advantage of any glitches for personal gain.
  11. interfere with any security-related features of Kaeska Entertainment.
  12. intentionally interfere with a user''s enjoyment of Kaeska Entertainment by posting inflammatory statements to get a negative reaction (also referred to as "trolling").
  13. infringing any intellectual property rights, trademarks, copyrights or patents.
  14. sell or trade Kaeska currency for non-Kaeska items or vice versa.
  15. interfere with any software, system, data, or other information of Kaeska Entertainment.
  16. engage in any other prohibited conduct through our Kaeska Charter.
Eligibility and Account Information
Kaeska Entertainment leans more towards users 18 years of age or older and does not permit users under 13 years of age. Users between 13 and 17 years of age should have parental permission. Upon registration, you agree that the date of birth and other information you provided is accurate. Terminated users are not permitted to reregister.

Virtual Currencies
Gold is a virtual currency that can be accumulated by making posts to the forums, providing artistic services to other users, or contests provided by other users or staff members. Gold may only be used to make purchases from Kaeska Entertainment''s virtual shops or artistic services provided by other members.
Platinum is a virtual currency that is obtained by making donations to Kaeska Entertainment. Platinum can also be purchased with Gold from other users who obtained the currency through their own donations.
All virtual currencies provided on Kaeska Entertainment has no real value and is not transferable or redeemable for any sum of money outside of Kaeska Entertainment. As a condition of accumulating and using any and all virtual currencies, you agree that Kaeska Entertainment has the right to modify by adding or removing any currency in your inventory.
If a Paypal transaction is later disputed and money was refunded to a user''s account, Kaeska Entertainment reserves the right to halt or reverse any Platinum given to the user. If the user spent the currency, Kaeska Entertainment will seize any and all virtual goods that were purchased with this currency.
Donations made to Kaeska Entertainment to receive Platinum or virtual goods are nonrefundable.
Event currencies (to be announced) can be accumulated by the same method as Gold but only during a special occasion provided by the staff members of Kaeska Entertainment. The specific event currency may then be used to make purchases from the event''s virtual shop, purchase artistic services provided by other members, or tradeable through Gold or Platinum currencies.
All virtual currencies, including currency received by donating, are the property of Kaeska Entertainment. These currencies may not be traded for real currency or virtual goods/currencies outside of Kaeska Entertainment.

Virtual Goods
The virtual goods on Kaeska Entertainment can be used to personalized your avatar. You can obtain virtual goods for your avatar by making purchases through one of the virtual shops with the currency it accepts or tradable with other users.
All virtual goods provided on Kaeska Entertainment has no real value and is not transferable or redeemable for any sum of money outside of Kaeska Entertainment. As a condition of accumulating and using any and all virtual goods, you agree that Kaeska Entertainment has the right to modify by adding or removing any virtual goods in your inventory.
All virtual goods are the property of Kaeska Entertainment. These goods may not be traded for real currency or virtual goods/currencies outside of Kaeska Entertainment.

Upon registration, you will be asked to provide a password. Because you are responsibile for all activities that occur via your account, you should always keep your password confidential. If at any time you have reason to believe that your account has been comprimised, immediately notifiy a staff member.

Ownership and Proprietary Rights
Kaeska Entertainment shall retain all rights of ownership in all concepts, designs and all work of art itself, including the right to complete, release, and sell the work of art via Kaeska Entertainment''s virutal currency. Whereas the artist shall maintain all artistic copyrights to the work of art in full or partial if the work of art in question is finished by or with the collaboration of another party.

Third Party Sites and Links
Kaeska Entertainment may include links to other websites belonging to or operated by third parties and is not responsible for the content of any links provided by this website, nor is Kaeska Entertainment liable for any issues as a direct result from these links. Links posted by users do not represent the thoughts and opinions of Kaeska Entertainment and it is the users responsibility for ensuring their computers safety by the appropriate antivirus/malware program. Your access and activities on the third party sites are governed by the terms and privacy policy on their site.

Public and Private Messages
Kaeska Entertainment has no control over the content of public and private messages submitted by our users. By submitting messages to the forums, you agree that Kaeska Entertainment accepts no liability if your threads are edited, locked or removed, or your messages are edited or removed. Inappropriate or prohibited conduct should be reported to

By donating to Kaeska Entertainment, your account will be credited with our virtual currency, Platinum. Platinum can be used by purchasing limited virtual goods used to personalize your avatar. All donations are non-refundable.
Retracting a completed and authorized transaction is strictly prohibited and may result in your account being terminated without notice and forfeiting all virtual currencies and goods in your accounts inventory. In the case of unauthorized purchases, please contact the administrator or send an email to

Termination and Deactivation
You agree that Kaeska Entertainment may terminate or ban any account(s) you may have and remove all or part of your accounts virtual currency or goods from your inventory at any time. Any virtual currencies or goods in the inventory on your account is considered forfeit when you close your account.

phpBB Forums
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