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The Kaeska Charter is a set of rules for all citizens to ensure that this forum community is fair and fun for all of its members. By creating an account, you agree that you have read and understood this charter and the Terms of Service. Failure to follow this set of rules could lead to disciplinary action. Kaeska reserves the right to modify, add and/or remove contents of these rules at any time with or without warning.

DISCLAIMER: Depending on the offenses, a member typically receives three chances before a temporary ban is issued. If the member persists upon returning, a lengthier ban will be issued.

  1. Accounts

    1. Age Group
      Kaeska was created for users of 18 years of age and older. Users between 13 and 17 years of age should have parental permission and users under 13 years of age will not be permitted.
    2. Hacking
      Users who hack or uses mule accounts to acquire currency and/or items in a fraudulent way will be permanently banned.
    3. Mule Accounts
      Mule accounts are extra accounts belonging to the same user. Each user is allowed up to 3 accounts total. 1 main account, 1 roleplay account and 1 charity/vault account.
    4. Password Security
      You should never share your password.
      Kaeska staff will never ask for your password and if anyone asks for it or claims to be a member of staff, please email
    5. Usernames
      Usernames cannot be of offensive or an innuendo to vulgarity, obscene, sexually explicit, racial or religiously offensive language. Since Kaeska is primarily a roleplaying forum, numbers or special characters are not allowed to be used in a username.
  2. Forums

    1. Artistic Nudity
      Artwork or photography in an artistic form is allowed only by link with a ‘Mature’ tag on the post. Threads that uses artistic nudity should be tagged [M] for Mature.
    2. Bots/Scripts
      Using a computer program or auto refreshers to automatically perform actions that is designed for the user to do is prohibited.
    3. Bumping
      Bumping stands for Bring Up My Post and should only be used if your thread falls beyond the second page. To Bump your topic, you must wait 2 days and a "Bump Topic" link will appear below when you are viewing it. By clicking this, it will bring your topic to the first page. However, you will not see this link when the time allowance has not yet been reached.
      Please be sure to follow the Multiple Posting rule.
    4. Copyright Infringement
      Information on the forums should not be plagiarized from other websites. If a user wishes to share the information from another site, they may link to the site. Images on the forums should have a link back to the original artist or writer. If the original owner is unknown, the image or literature is prohibited.
    5. Deleted/Locked Threads
      Threads that have been deleted and/or locked cannot be undone. Duplicate threads can and will be deleted and/or locked.
      Debate threads that have gone rogue may be locked temporarily for the users involved to 'cool down'.
    6. Duplicate Topics
      Any topics duplicating an existing topic will be locked. Users may only recreate an existing topic if it has remained inactive for six (6) months and a member of staff locks the existing topic.
    7. Explicit Pornographic Content
      Pornographic materials are not allowed anywhere on the forums or in the private messages to other users. This includes images depicting porn or attempting to cybersex other members.
      Literature or roleplaying posts may have a limited innuendo to sexual acts, but full erotica is not allowed.
    8. Links
      Linking to other websites, including other avatar sites, with or without a referral code is allowed only in the users profile. Placing a referral code and/or link to other sites continuously throughout the forums is prohibited. This includes mass private messaging the users.
    9. Multiple Posting
      Users cannot post more than twice in a row in a thread. Posts beyond two in a row will be combined to the latest post.
      Exceptions: Shop threads which could exceed up to 6 posts for 'set-up'.
    10. Necro Posting
      Old threads that have been inactive for more than 6 months should not be bumped or responded to unless the original poster is still an active user.
    11. Off-Site Trading
      Users cannot trade items and/or currency for other items and/or currency on other sites.
      Users may request artwork for their avatars on other sites and may choose whether to pay for the services on either site.
    12. Primary Language
      Kaeska primarily uses the English language. Foreign languages are allowed to be used in the appropriate forums. If the Google Translator fails to correctly translate your post, a moderator has the right to send a Private Message to the poster. If a translator is still unable to be used for the language used, then that language might not be permitted to be used any further.
    13. Soliciting
      Advertising other websites in the attempt to get other users to leave Kaeska to join the site in question is prohibited outside the advertising forum. Links to other sites may be added in the profile or signatures.
    14. Spamming
      Posts that are gibberish, consists of chain letters, copy and paste, emote only posts, or one word posts (i.e. “lol”, “brb”, “:)”, etc.) are not permitted.
      Exceptions: the Gaming forums.
    15. Thread Ownership
      Shops, quests and charities can have their own set of rules from the original poster plus the Kaeska Charter. Other forums follow by only the Kaeska Charter and no one else.
    16. Vulgarity
      Since Kaeska is intended more towards the adult age group, to filter vulgarity is an option. However, harsher language should be used in moderation. Threads that uses vulgarity frequently should be tagged [M] for Mature.
      Users are not allowed to complain about vulgarity used.
      To toggle Vuglarity go to User Control Panel, Board Preferences, Edit display options
      • Click Yes to Enable word censoring to avoid vulgarity.
      • Click No to Disable word censoring to allow vulgarity.
      • Click Submit
  3. Post Formatting

    1. Image Sizes
      Images in posts should be from PhotoBucket and have a thumbnail linking to the original image. TinyPic may be used, but only if you resize the image to “Board Message” size. Or upload the image on TinyPic twice; once for the Thumbnail resize and link it to the default image.
    2. Post Decorations
      Users may decorate their posts but not excessively. Posts that are overly decorated will be edited to have the decorations removed.
    3. Signatures
      Signatures should not exceed the width of the page and should not exceed 300 pixels in height.
    4. Text Colors
      Using ‘rainbow’ text is forbidden. Colors that are unreadable will be changed to the default color.
  4. Demeanor

    1. Begging
      Begging for common and special currency, items, art, etc. in the forums or in private messages is prohibited.
    2. Flaming
      A user who insults or angrily criticizes other users in private messages or the forums will result in disciplinary actions.
      This also includes cyber bullying.
    3. Harassing
      Users who constantly pester or stalk other users against their will in private messages or the forums will result in disciplinary actions.
    4. Phishing
      Users who attempt to private message other users in an attempt to obtain personal information or account passwords will be immediately banned permanently without warning.
    5. Scamming
      Users who attempt to fraudulently obtain items or currency will be immediately banned permanently without warning.
    6. Trolling
      Users who send inflammatory or provocative messages in an attempt to start a flame war will result in disciplinary actions.
  5. Disciplinary Actions

    1. Appeals
      If you feel as if you have been disciplined or banned wrongfully, then you may appeal the decision by contacting or a private message to one of the Administrators.
    2. Bans
      Users who have been warned repeatedly or have done an unforgiveable action can have their account banned or terminated. Bans can be either temporary or permanent and can be appealed.
    3. Moderators
      Moderators have the right to edit, move or delete posts, threads, or the contents within the posts that are clearly in violation of the rules.
    4. Warnings
      Friendly reminders can be issued publicly or privately, but warnings will be issued via private message to the member who is violating the rules. If any member of staff issues you a warning publicly, please contact or private message one of the administrators.