With the new phpBB upgrade, we have decided not to reinstall the Avatar and Currency Systems. Once we've converted these modifications, we'll reinstall them to the board again! Feel free to socialize, however! Also, most announcements can be found on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/KaeskaEntertainment

Citizens can make a donation to Kaeska and be given rewards for their contributions. As of right now, there is no instant rewards for donations. Instead, users who donate will be added to a Contributions List. Once Kaeska is officially released, those on the contributions list will be given Platinum based on the amount they donated.
Donations help contribute with programming, web development, server costs and the option to pay our staff members $USD.

Failure to provide your username will result in your account not being credited!
If you send the transaction number to admin@kaeska org with your username, you will be added to the contributions list.

Donations from now until June 1st will be donated to the Arkansas and Missouri flood victims. For more information, check out our Facebook post.

* All transactions are made through Paypal. Absolutely no debit/credit card information is stored on Kaeska.org.