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With your donations, you are helping support the further development of Kaeska by permitting us to pay for our server fees, web development, new features, and pay our Artisans (artists) and Engineers (developers). Until we get our currency system set up, we keep records of all transactions via Paypal and their usernames on a Contributions List via a locked and hidden forum.
For your donation, you will receive 5 Platinum for every $1.00 which can be used to purchase future monthly and yearly collectibles.

* All donations are final and nonrefundable.
* If you fail to provide your username with your donation, please send the transaction number to with your username.

Premium Subscription Plans
* This feature is currently unavailable.

Premium will be an upgrade for your account that will unlock new features.

Estate Holder
Platinum 50 125 250 500
Extra Wadrobe Slots +5 +15 +40 Unlimited
Bank Interest 2% 8% 12% 16%
Shop Discount 5% 10% 15% 20%

* A Premium Subscription is an upgrade for your account that unlocks new features. 1 month subscription is 30 days.
* To keep your title, you must maintain the monthly subscription. Losing the subscription will revert your title back to Citizen.