Kaeska is an upcoming forum-based role-playing community that will have customizable avatars. The users, known as citizens, will earn gold by posting on the forums. Gold is a form of currency that is used to make purchases from the NPC (NonPlayer Character) shops which will contain a variety of items that can be equipped to your avatar. When we begin our official release, our users will have the chance to participate in upcoming events and become part of our history! Do you have what it takes to make it into our lore books?

Can I join now?

Yes, you can! Anyone can register and once an admin approves your membership request, you will get full access to our open forum. There are very few minor features added to the forums due to the phpBB3 upgrade that introduced extensions, but our staff is currently working hard on converting our features into the extensions.

Volunteer Help Wanted

Interested in helping an avatar site? We are currently looking for volunteers! In the future, we plan on paying our staff in $USD (via Paypal ONLY) but until we get on our feet, we will need a group of dedicated staff willing to volunteer for the time being.
What we are currently looking for: Contact Obsidian at admin@kaeska.org.

Support through Donations

By donating, you will be helping support the development for this site! All donations are recorded via Paypal, so be sure to keep your transaction number so that you may be rewarded once our currency system is in place. For every $1.00 donation, you will be rewarded with 5 Platinum. Platinum is another form of currency used on Kaeska that is used to make purchases from specific NPC shops which will contain a variety of items for a limited amount of time.

Future Plans

Our future plans include but are not limited to:

Joining the Team

Are you interested in joining the Kaeska team? If you think you have what it takes, please fill out this form and hit submit!
* Please know that any work for Kaeska is currently paid in Kaeska's virtual currencies.