Welcome to Kaeska!

Kaeska is an upcoming forum-based role-playing community that will have customizable avatars. The users, known as citizens, will earn gold by posting in our lovely community.

Gold is a form of currency that will be used to make purchases from our shops which will contain a variety of items that you can wear on your avatar. Platinum is another form of currency that is rewarded to our citizens who donate to help keep our wonderful community alive!

When we begin our official release, our citizens will have the chance to participate in upcoming events and take part in our very own history!

Do you have what it takes to become part of our history?

Future Plans

Our future plans include but are not limited to:

Donation Subscription Plans
Avatar System (Male, Female and Neutral bases)
Dream Avatar System
Wardrobes & Closets
Maps of Kaeska
Festivals and Events (both staff- and user-run!)
Games & Contests
Body Modifications
Lottery System